The next generation of Temavento kite boards will use Nano-Tech’s materials

The next generation of Temavento kite boards will use Nano-Tech’s materials

04-July-2017, Ancona; Nano-Tech SpA and Temavento Race Engineering Sas are proud to announce a new partnership to manufacture the next generation of kite boards.

Nano-Tech S.p.A. operates in the field of nanotechnologies applied to advanced materials, producing and commercializing materials designed to withstand the hardest challenges. Nano-Tech provides advanced technological solutions in the field of smart materials, in order to meet the needs of clients and partners, optimizing performance for a competitive advantage.

Temavento is undiscussed producers of the best kite boards on the market. Its full carbon, handmade boards, hand shaped by Enrico Casciani, founder of Temavento, are de facto the best and fastest boards to hit the water. In the past 10 years elite athletes using boards designed and built by Temavento have won all major international competitions, including several world championships, and have set numerous speed world records.

Together, Nano-Tech SpA and Temavento will shape the future of kite boards and beyond. Starting next month Temavento kite boards will be produced using Nano-Tech’s Nano-Force® E epoxy systems, giving the final board improved properties such as mechanical resistance, vibration dumping and stress resistance.

“We are delight to collaborate with Temavento in its pursuit of performance and perfection. We consider Enrico a real genius, every single board that he creates is a work of art. A masterpiece.” comments Andrea Giovannelli, General Manager of Nano-Tech SpA, “this partnership looks to the future with high-tech, cutting the edge materials and technology”. Enrico Casciani, shaper and CEO of Temavento adds “Temavento will be able to test and use all the latest innovations in the field of composite materials. The next generation of Orange Rockets will be a purebred of the sea, 100% Made in Italy. The moon is the limit.”

The collaboration between Nano-Tech and Temavento started back in 2013, when a first series of kite board RC 70 Orange Rocket was produced using the Nano-Force® E100, a nano-engineered epoxy resins system designed by Nano-Tech to give advanced mechanical properties to the final composite.
The initial collaboration lead to a limited series of kiteboards containing Nano-Tech’s advanced materials. Boards from 2013 with the Nano-Tech logo can be seen in the cover of top specialized kite magazines of  hat year, and in pictures on the podium of every major competition.

The next generation of Temavento kite boars will have Nano-Tech’s technology pumping under their orange skin.

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