Superior electric conductivity & excellent mechanical properties
Nano-Tech‘s has developed an expanding family of highly electrically conductive thermoplastic polymers.

Available as is or as masterbatch, they can be used as conductors, antistatics or electromagnetic shields.

The conductivity is stable over time, and in the case of elastomers is preserved even under extension.

Applications include sensors, antistatic thin films, controlling the static and electromagnetic environments of your electronic components or antistatic applications in ATEX/flammable environment and similar applications.

Nano-Tech is also developing electrically conductive prepregs to give new functionalities to composites used in automotive and aerospace.

High resistance and rigidity
Nano-Tech‘s increased mechanical properties materials show higher resistance and rigidity (elastic modulus) compared to their non-nanostructured

They fully meet the requirements that many industrial sectors seek in solving specific and important technological problems and/or in improving their products.

Vibration damping
Given by the nanostructure developed by Nano-Tech that captures and dissipates the vibrational energy as friction between nanoparticles and the surrounding polymer.

The vibro-acoustic damping and the higher resistanceand rigidity, make Nano-Tech products a leading choice in material replacement for the automotive and aerospacesectors when manufacturing key elements, such as cowlings, chassis, wing components, rudders, and interiors.

Heat resistant
A family of polymeric products that can work at service temperature of 400°C. Significantly higher than current alternatives

Great Workability
These include coatings and fiber prepregs, with workability identical to a traditional epoxy-based prepreg, similar tack and manufacturing technologies (autoclave, oven+vacuum bag, hot press). It can be effectively used to replace metal parts and ceramic parts.

Low thermal conductivity
This products are perfect for the realization of thermal barriers.

Example applications include thermal barriers, engine parts, brake baskets, exhaust systems, battery cases and fuel tank heat protection just to mention a few.

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