Going deeper with the next generation carbon fins

Going deeper with the next generation carbon fins


24-November-2017, Ancona; The new collaboration between Nano-Tech SpA and Carbonio GFT is promising to push free-diving performance athletes deeper thanks to nanocomposite materials.

Nano-Tech S.p.A. operates in the field of nanotechnologies applied to advanced materials, producing and commercializing materials designed to withstand the hardest challenges. Nano-Tech provides advanced technological solutions in the field of smart materials, in order to meet the needs of clients and partners, optimizing performance for a competitive advantage.

CarbonioGFT is the leading manufacturer of carbon fiber free-diving fins produced using prepreg carbon fiber materials. In 2008 CarbonioGFT was the first manufacturer of fins to introduce carbon prepregs into the market and is now indiscussed leader in the production of high performance fins.

Nano-Tech S.p.A. and CarbonioGFT announce a new collaboration to push free-diving performance athletes deeper thanks to nanocomposite materials. The new generation of free-diving fins under development will take advantage of the long experience of CarbonioGFT in fins design and manufacturing and Nano-Tech know-how in the field of nanocomposite materials. The new product will allow for lighter, more resistant fin that will be significantly more efficient in transferring to the water the athletes’ energy thanks to the intrinsic properties of the nanocomposite engineered in Nano-Tech laboratories.

Details about the new collaboration appeared yesterday on the free-diving magazine Apnea Passion, one of the leading free-diving news website. Read the article here (in Italian).

This is the second collaboration signed by Nano-Tech S.p.A. with leading manufacturers of high performance sport equipment this year, signaling that Nano-Tech’s technology is getting a foothold into the sports goods market promising a revolution in performance.

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Read the article appeared on Apnea Passion website

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