The automotive sector is a major consumer of materials technology. Metal replacement is of the utmost importance in every working part of a car o improve fuel efficiency, reduce air pollution and increase the widespread use of electrical and hybrid technologies.

Using nano-engineered composite materials, manufacturers can provide lighter but stronger chassis, body panels and interior features. Electrically and thermally conductive polymers can shape capacitive sensors (avoiding the massive use of switches and knobs), fuel systems, heat dissipators, and electromagnetic shielding case.


The marine environment is one of the harshest any structure is subjected to. Nanotechnology can help materials and structures resist the challenging conditions found at sea.

Nano-Tech has deep roots in the marine sector and can provide a complete range of solutions with applications in the commercial, cruising and racing boat industry.


Scientists and engineers in all industries are working to improve the strength, durability, resistance and performance of their products.

In several sector nanotechnological solutions have already been quietly implemented. Our current products have possible applications in countless different sectors. We offers exclusive and custom solutions, nano-engineered materials and nanotechnology applications and services to our international clients and partners.


At Nano-Tech we are constantly pursuing new opportunities and challenges. Nano-engineered composites and advanced materials are a durable and fascinating solution, with increasing implementation in multiple fields of production.

That is why we complement our range of standard products with a highly customizable on demand service. Our pledge to provide tailor made solutions with added-value to our customers and partners has always been our driving force. Our know-how and materials technology expertise keeps our company at the forefront of the nanotechnology revolution.