Nano-Tech’s epoxy resin tested by Republic Polytechnic of Singapore for aeronautics applications

18-July-2017, Ancona
; Nano-Tech SpA nano-engineered epoxy resin Nano-Force® E100 judged the best epoxy for composite repair in an independent article published by Republic Polytechnic of Singapore researchers on the latest issue of JEC Composites Magazine, No113 June 2017.

Nano-Tech S.p.A. operates in the field of nanotechnologies applied to advanced materials, producing and commercializing materials designed to withstand the hardest challenges. Nano-Tech provides advanced technological solutions in the field of advanced materials, in order to meet the needs of clients and partners, optimizing performance for a competitive advantage.

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A team of researchers from Republic Polytechnic of Singapore in collaboration with Newcastle University International Singapore used Nano-Tech’s Nano-Force® E100 epoxy resins within an independent study carried out to test and validate a new procedure to repair micro-fractures in existing composites aerostructures. The Nano-Force® E100 epoxy system was tested for its efficiency to heal micro-fracture together with a number of other commercially available products and healants.
Nano-Tech’s Nano-Force® E100 achieved a repair efficiency of 81.4%, against an average of 11.2% for other leading products available commercially worldwide, confirming Nano-Tech products as leader in the market of nano-engineered epoxy resins. The results suggest that the Nano-Force® E100 is the best epoxy resin in the market

Nano-Force® E are a family of nano-engineered epoxy resins designed for wet-layup and infusion for the realization of small, medium and large components when superior mechanical properties are required. The Nano-Force® E family is a two-component epoxy resin engineered to have high resistance and toughness and increased vibration damping. It contains a stable dispersion of carbon nanotubes obtained using Nano-Tech’s ³Dynamics proprietary dispersion technology that allows to transfer the incredible mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes to the final composite.

The results of this independent study highlight the high-end properties of the Nano-Force® E epoxy resin, confirming the potential of the Nano-Force® E100 epoxy resins to repair existing composite structures.

The study was published independently by the Republic Polytechnic of Singapore on the June issue of JEC Composite Magazine ( n. 113 June 2017. A copy of the journal is available on the JEC website while a copy of the article is available upon request at

Nano-Tech SpA, its members or researchers were not involved in any portion of the research published independently by a join team of researcher of Republic Polytechnic of Singapore and Newcastle University International Singapore.