C-Preg 400

C-Preg® 400 is a high temperature, heat resistant prepreg. It can be processed using autoclave or hot plate presses.


C-Preg® 400 can be processed using current technologies (autoclave or hot plate presses), curing at temperatures between 180°C and 300°C, obtaining a finished product resistant to a temperature up to 400°C.

Currently, this material has no competitor on the market in terms of simplicity and flexibility for producing components that have to withstand high temperatures.

C-Preg® 400 is easy to use and is processed in the same way as other common prepregs. In contrast to polyimide based prepregs, C-Preg® 400 is made with a non-toxic resin, and can be shaped using traditional compression molding, hot plate presses or vacuum bagging techniques.

C-Preg® 400 effectively fills the void between existing prepreg systems and ceramic matrix composites, and can be used to produce thermal barriers, exhaust systems, engine parts and other components exposed to high temperatures.

C-Preg® 400 has the outstanding ability to withstand high temperatures in oxidative environments up to 400°C. C-Preg® 400 service temperature exceeds the value of most resins and prepregs available on the market while retaining excellent workability.

C-Preg® 400 is 5.2 times less dense than steel, which is commonly used for high temperature heat resistant parts. For this reason, C-Preg® 400 can be used to replace metal alloys in several heat resistant applications, significantly reducing the overall weight of the product.

C-Preg® 400 is available with different types of fibers. In addition to our standard C-Preg® 400 products you can request customized C-Preg® 400 with fibers that meet your specific needs.