Board of Director

Stefano Sandri

Chairman and CEO

Prof.Sandri begins his career as CFO and CEO of PMI and subsequently was executive president and CEO of operating large industrial groups (EFIM, ENI non-oil activities, SVEI engineering and infrastructure of IRI group). He has been a strategic consultant of many industrial groups such as IRI, Finmeccanica, Impregilo, Terna, Sirti, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, ENEL and other large enterprises, where he designed the industrial models, growth strategies and enterprise evaluation for the listing. He is one of the greatest Italian experts in the aerospace and defense industry. He led M&A operations of international relevance alone or in partnership with large consulting firms ( McKinsey, Bain Cuneo, Ambrosetti). He was a Corporate Finance university professor at the LUISS University in Rome. He introduced the project finance models in Italy and promoted direct training to executives of some of the major Italian banks, industrial companies and government agencies. He is the author of a patented financial economic model in Europe and United States for the creation of value and now adopted by many large groups in the world. Legal Auditor (Register n. 52422, Department of the Economy and Finance), he is business technical expert appointed to Low Court in Rome from 1992. At the institutional level he was chairman or member of many national committees as the follow (principal): National Council for the Technological Innovation (Ministry of Industry 1981, member); Technical Committee for the Industrial Reorganization, law 675/77 (Ministry of Industry 1981-82, member); High Technical Committee of Telecommunications (Ministry of Post and Telecommunications 1981-83, member); Technical Committee for the Cabinet reform (Council of Ministers 1981, member); Technical Committee of National Enterprises Reorganization (Ministry of State Investments 1982-83, member); Mediocredito Centrale (1982 – 1994, Board of Directors member); LUISS University (1984-87 Board of Directors member); European Council of State Controlled Enterprises (1984-87, Vice-President); Prime Minister Economic Advisor (Council of Ministers, 1984-86); Technical Scientific Committee for The State Economic Planning (Republic Presidency, 1989-1992, member); Military Authority for the Strategic Studies (Ministry of Defense,1989-1996 research director); Technical Committee for the Public Enterprises Privatization (Prime Minister Department, 1991-92 member); Technical Scientific Committee of Project Finance Department (Ministry of Finance 2003-2006 chairman).

Renato Ugo

Board of Director

Prof. Renato UGO, Emeritus Professor at Milan University with an international scientific reputation, since he has produced about 250 papers published in international journals and has been Main Editor of two international series of Scientific Advances. He has been invited as main lecturer in many international Conferences. He is considered one of the most relevant scientists involved in the modern approach to the Catalytic Science and together with J. M. Basset (Lyon-France) the founder of Organometallic Surface Chemistry”, a new field of Chemical Research. Actually he is interested to new organic materials for optoelectronics and solar cells of third generation. He has also a large industrial experience, initially as consultant of large chemical companies in the areas of fibers, polymers, petrochemistry such as Montecatini, Shell, Snia and of medium companies working in the field of specialities like Safta and Givaudan, and later as member of the Executive Committee (five members plus the chairman) of Montedison Group from 1982 to 1988 with the responsibility of following the R&D Activities of the Group (3.000 researchers), of developing the business in the Far West (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malesia, Australia) and of monitoring the Group’s activity in the field of health care (Farmitalia – C. Erba in Italy, Erbamont in the USA). In the same period he was for three years President of the prestigious Institute Donegani Montedison, at that time one of the most relevant industrial chemical research center of the world (600 researchers). Since 1983 he is President of AIRI (National Association Industrial Research) which represents about 50% of the Italian industrial research, and member of the “Comitato di Direzione” of Federchimica, the association of the Italian Chemical Industries. He was member of the Board of various Companies, listed at the Milan Stock Exchange, like Recordati, Saes Gettes, Isagro, Mira Lanza, Farmitalia – Carlo Erba and at the New York Stock Exchange like Erbamont. At the institutional level in Italy he was member of the CdA of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and President of the “Agenzia per la diffusione delle tecnologie per l’innovazione”. At European level he was the Italian member of IRDAC (board of consulence of the European Commission about industrial research) and of EURAB (board of consulence about research and technology of the European Commission). He is a national member of Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, elected early at the age of 46 years, and Gold Medal of the President of the Italian Republic for scientific achievements.

Giuseppe Galimberti

Board of Director

Civil engineer with extensive experience in financial markets. He worked at JP Morgan as Head of Italian Government Bond and Option Trading, at Morgan Stanley as Head of Italian Fixed Income Sales, at Deutsche Bank as Head of Italian Global Market Sales, at UBS Limited as Southern Europe Head of Fixed Income and Currency Sales. He was also Deputy General Manager at Banca IMI with responsibility on the Financial Markets Division. At Luxembourg Financial Group he was Head of Southern Europe Distribution and at Negentropy Capital Markets as Partner and Head of Risk and Trading on European Distressed Assets, where he was involved in few of the largest Italian Non Performing Loan portfolio transactions.

Donato Giovannelli

Board of Director

Co-Founder, entrepreneur and researcher in the life sciences, Donato Giovannelli holds a PhD in Applied Biology from the University of Naples “Federico II”. He spent the last five year working as research fellow in leading international Universities and research centers, including Rutgers University (USA), the National Research Council of Italy (Italy) and the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan). He is currently a research fellow at the Earth-Life Science Institute (Japan), and visiting scholar at the prestigious Institute of Advanced Studies of Princeton (USA) and visiting research Professor at Rutgers University. He is also an active member of the early career scientist community of the Deep Carbon Observatory, where he was awarded in 2015 the DCO Emerging Leader Award during the American Geophysical Union Fall meeting in San Francisco (USA). He is author of over 20 scientific publications in international journals.

Eros Cecconi

Board of Director

Entrepreneur and business angel, he is the founder, co-founder and administrator of several companies operating in the renewable energies and building construction sectors. In less than 10 years, Eros Cecconi has built one of the largest private Italian group of renewable energy producers. He is a successful early investor, with ongoing investments in diverse ventures that includes bio-farming, nanotechnologies, sustainable design and innovative building technologies. Currently, he is an early investor in new disruptive technologies.

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