Safety and the Environment

At Nano-Tech we make your safety and the environment our top priority. Therefore, Nano-Tech has adopted a proactive approach to minimize risk and reduce possible environmental impacts.

Security is a priority at Nano-Tech. Our R&D and production processes are carried out under strict safety measures, eliminating risks for people and the environment.

Nano-Tech has developed handling guidelines to provide a baseline for process evaluation and safe handling.

Our customers are in the market for cutting-edge solutions that meet industry and end-user demands without compromising safety.

Nano-Tech provides detailed handling procedures for all of its products.

Conducting our business responsibly means caring for the environment.

At Nano-Tech we strive to stay ahead of government agency requirements, and human and environmental safety are considered from the outset of every project.

Caring about the environment means also minimizing the carbon footprint.

Nano-Tech headquarters and laboratories are powered exclusively using solar power.