Innovators by definition

Company value

At Nano-Tech we are innovators by definition. We are committed to industrial and social progress. We strive to provide the best technological solutions to our customers. We help our customers and partners go beyond the limits of current technologies and successfully engineer their future with value-added products. We go above and beyond our customers’ demands to generate and present products and services that influence the future of materials science. At Nano-tech, we provides industry-leading R&D, advanced production capabilities and world class support.

In every project we are true to our core values:

Innovation – to build a better world respecting environmental and personal safety

Pursuing excellence – through curiosity, creativity, and passion

Ownership – treating our company and our customers with the utmost care and respect

Freedom and fun – encouraging the free flow of ideas by providing a flexible and fun work environment

Accountability – for our actions, products and outcomes

The best materials for the hardest challenges

Nano-Tech is an innovative company specializing in nanotechnology applications. We deliver advanced material solutions for industrial leaders who want to grow and go beyond the limits of today’s technologies. Our unique expertise sets us apart from competitors


To see Nano-Tech innovations in everyday products, changing the world for the better

We believe the best way to achieve this is by bridging the knowledge gap between the producers of nanotechnology materials, universities, and the industry sector, thus leveraging the versatility of joint interactions between several technology areas.