At Nano-Tech, we provide industry-leading R&D, advanced production capabilities and world class support

Nano-Tech’s objective is industrial and social advancement. We believe that smarter, greener and stronger materials will ensure a better future. With an unwavering commitment to go beyond the limits of current technologies, Nano-Tech is the ideal partner for those with the ambition to redefine the technological horizon.

We are committed to industrial and social progress. We strive to provide the best technological solutions to our customers. We help our customers and partners go beyond the limits of current technologies and successfully engineer their future with value-added products. We go above and beyond our customer’s demands to generate and present products and services that influence the future of materials science.



Nano-Tech expertise lies in materials - how they are made, how they can be used, and how they can be made better.

To see Nano-Tech innovations in everyday products, changing the world for the better

Nanotechnology is probing the world in an entirely new way; observing, measuring and manipulating matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale. Thanks to continued R&D, Nano-Tech is developing cutting-edge technologies and products. We collaborate with companies, research centres and universities worldwide, helping them address challenges.

The materials we use and how we produce them determine the function, feasibility, cost and environmental impact of the things we create.

At Nano-Tech we combine creative thinking with client suggestions to design, troubleshoot, and manufacture new products and services. Nano-Tech is your ideal partner for developing and implementing nanoengineered solution.