Who we are


Nano-Tech Srl is a young and dynamic research company engaged in developing, producing and commercialize nano-based materials for the industries and the research. We make the best materials for the hardest challenges. The company is the winner of the eCapital 2010 business competition and among the 150th finalist of the Italian Innovation Prize. Nano-Tech is one of the selected startup inside the business accelerator Jesi Cube. Nano-Tech's goal is to be an innovative and reliable partner for all companies who want to apply nanotechnology in their products. We Provide materials and consulence for product development in any sector wishing to use nanotechnological solutions.

The Nanotechnological revolution

Nanotechnology means observing the world in an entire new way. Is a revolution that brings us to observe, measure and manipulate matter on atomic and molecular scale, understanding is functioning in a way it has never been possible before. Working at nano scale (in the scale of one million of a millimeter) the characteristic and behavior of matter changes dramatically. A new way to understand and design material is born. This is the nanotechnological revolution!

The ideal partner in the nanotechnology era

Nano-Tech Srl is a company aiming to be your partner in the development of new nanobased and nanostructured materials. Our products are the outcome of collaborations with Universities and National and International Research Centers. Our proprietary production and dispersion technology allow us to obtain constant results, for the trust of our customers and partners. With is headquarter in Ascoli Piceno, Marche, Italy, Nano-Tech has its key partner both at the national and international level. The company is actively researching, developing, producing and commercializing advanced nano-structured materials for the mechanical, aerospace, automotive, chemical, nautical and biomedical industry and any other sector that could apply those technologies.

“The future in nanotechnology”

Nano-Tech Srl objective is industrial and social advancement. We are visionary. With a constant effort to go beyond the limit of current technologies, Nano-Tech is the partner for those who have the ambition to redefine the new technological horizon. The best materials at service of the best ideas, to make the impossible happen!